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New App

I’ve got a new App for all you Red Heads it’s called Manchester United Pro and it’s on the android market it’s great for news tips views and everything United great App I highly recommend it!  ūüôā


Sooooo 4 days 2 losses in OT what else can be said I’ve slagged David Moyes down to the last but no more yes ok he is inexperienced in what to do and yes some of his decisions have been horrifying but the team and fans may cop on and get behind the club as a whole the team is lack luster and the fans are worse..  Yes it’s a rough patch but United we stand we are MUFC and we will never die we have defied critics for so long and when we were knocked down got straight back up sing loud and proud for this club this is our club the mighty Manchester United 20 Times we have won the league and we shouldn’t stop there ok this season the title may be out of reach but believe we didn’t five up in 99 we didn’t give up in 08 there is a reason we are the best club in the world we are united together through the passion and love for our club so come on Reds lets show our love for the team where dreams and magic are happening and being made ONE LOVE ONE MUFC ‚̧

Great App!

Hey readers just blogging to tell you about a good app to get on the android market or app store its called goal and they give great sourced transfer news and club news to do with your respective clubs!  You can also check out there website if your on the laptop! 

So after spurs got drubbed 6 0 by the blue spunk bubbles we knew they would come out guns blazing in this game to try pick up 3 points and a game of football is what they played looking a better side than the last game took the lead through a thunderous Kyle Walker strike from a free kick United responded well and Rooney of course who else bagged another goal thanks to an error from Kyle Walker it was a very even game but when sandro hit a rocket into the top corner I was left feeling hopeless but then Hugo the frog eating Lloris gave us a penalty in which Rooney converted with ease so a 2 2 draw another point 13 games unbeaten there are some positives right!  … GGMU

Rant about city..

So listening to City fans go on and on about how good they are has driven me to do this ..

1. For two games in a row not one English player was fielded

2. You spend overr 100m on players

3. You spend 500m in 5 seasons

4. You claim the power in Manchester has shifted

5. You say Pellergrini is a top manager when singing about him in the cup final slagging him off and oh yes ye lost to relegated Wigan

6. You sing to Chelsea where were you when you were shit yet ye did the exact same thing

7. You claim Joe Hart is better than De Gea even though he messed up so many more times

8. Without Kompany your fucked

9. You sign players like Jack Rodwell and Scott Sinclair

10. You ruin players careers

11. Your manager looks like a nutsack

12.You sell young talent to buy expensive players

13. Your fans are shit

14. You cant fill a pub let alone the Etihad

15. Your stadium sold out once for a Robbie Williams

16. You have one legend in your history and he was a united player

17. You’re only where you are cause of money

18. You bought the league

19. The moon isn’t even fucking blue

20. You have a new squad every season

21. You claim the way you won your 1 title was better than our 13 not that we did the exact same in a champions league FINAL or anything

22. You sack a manager when he doesn’t win something

23. You claim Old Trafford is a shit hole when it has a 5 star rating where as the only 5 star thing about the Etihad is how clean it is cause its always fucking empty

24. You claim to be a big club .. no there are only 3 big clubs in England

25. Nottingham Forrest have won a champions league ye haven’t

26. You claim the Poznan is yours even though Poznan & Celtic have been doing it longer

27.You got rejected by Van Persie and Kaka

28.You claim we buy the league when you spent more in 5 years than Sir Alex spent in 26 years

29. You mock the Munich plane disaster yet a city person was on the plane and died

30. The only treble you will see is ours

31. 100,000 people turned up for your 1 title win 750,000 turned up to our 13th

32. I fucking hate ye

33. Etihad means United in Arabic you thick fucks ūüôā

Ye will NEVER NEVER take over United now get over yourselves thick fucks!


So once again our hopes are brought up to believe finally our season has turned around .. No just no once again we stupidly feck up in a game we should have put to bed and the way we lost 2 points is just so heart wrenching :/ To be honest we dropped points in a fashion only we are used to a 90th minute goal and by god it hurts .. but what made it worse is that dirty ugly looking cant see, dolphin killing, dog eating, console destroying, chop stick using adopted assmuncher had to score the equalizer salt was rubbed deep into the wounds .. Once again Rooney showed on the field his desire to be the best with another goal and assist should i dare to say to offer him the new contract and pay rise .. it is a tough place to travel and pick up points Cardiffs ground so City saw at the end of the season which leads me onto the idea of my next blog a long fucking rant about them blue spunk bubbles across Manchester because once again they are a couple of points ahead of us and there the ” best team in Manchester” well no just no .. so a 2 2 draw and more dropped points just is a sheer disappointment but there is one positive we are unbeaten in 10 games .. GGMU

Goal Line Technology

So after years and years of asking and disallowed goals Sepp decided to introduce Goal Line Technology, good boy Sepp ¬†good boy. Mistakes in the Euros, Premier League and World Cup drove everybody mental looking for this simple thing to be introduced after incidents like Roy Carrolls muck up against Spurs, Lampards infamous ghost goal against Germany in the world cup a blatant goal which wasn’t counted and this inevitably knocked England out of the World Cup and ¬†in Euro 2012, Ukraine were¬†¬†losing 1-0 to England, Devic¬†lobbed the ball over Hart¬†before it was cleared off the line by Terry, neither the referee or the assistant referee saw the ball going in, however television replays showed that the ball clearly was going in when it was blocked, but the goal wasn’t counted.¬†. So on 5 July 2012 it was introduced just in time for the world cup with technology such as hawk eye being introduced,¬†¬†but some people claim that instant replays would interrupt the flow of the game and take away possible plays.¬†Blatter had been opposed to goal-line technology until Lampards¬†disallowed goal in the World Cup. He now says that the technology could be in the World Cup¬†in Brazil. UEFA¬†president, Platini¬†will likely oppose the plan, and instead propose additional referees beside each goal which in this day and age is retarded if you ask me. We can only hope its introduced so the World Cup wont be ruined by stupid decisions!

So another International week and another bore for United fans all over the world, i say it has to be the most pointless thing i’ve seen having friendlies on is just stupid i mean not every single player of every single team is going to be away on international duties that’s why you name a 22 man squad its stupid! but sure fifa logic is just amazing with good boys winning the Ballon’Dor isnt that right Sepp,, So il briefly go over the play-off first legs, France were stunned by a good performance from the Ukraine with the yellow and blues taking a solid 2 goal advantage, Ronaldo (who else) netted the only goal in the game against the biggest nose in football and Sweden to give a slight advantage and Nigeria are through after a 4-1 aggregate win over Ethiopia (I Think!), so i guess il talk about some United news.. Carrick is out for two months which is a huge loss he will be missed and need to be replaced speaking of replacements more transfer bullshit being spread around of us landing Reus, Iniesta and Gundogan all i say are just the press running out of stupid stories but i say i’d give it a mention and yet again the needless Baines is on our radar with a ¬£16 million pound bid … (Sigh) so yea thats about as exciting as Manchester United got this week, tomorrow im going to post about something branching away from MUFC in the form of goal-line technology which will be rather fun! .. GGMU

Vs. Arsenal

Woooo finally ūüėÄ we have shut some critics up for at least a week..¬† and who else to pop up and bag a goal but good old Rvp I’d say it makes up for his shocking misses in the champions league¬† but yea a win against Arsenal gives us a great chance of catching back up to the top where we belong!¬† Twas a tough game against the gunners we had a controlling comfortable first half I thought the game changer had to be the loss of Vidic but Jones took up the roll of keeping The human fish and Ramesy in his back pocket giving us a solid 1 0 win and getting us right back in the mix with the scum and Chelsea droping points things are starting to look up!¬† GGMU

Vs. Sociedad

Ok well first of all Young goes down easier than Moyes daughter on Zaha .. Second of all that long streak of chocolate making dirty lanky ass can go shove his 27 million up his dirty overpriced Afro and jump off a cliff .. Then that Mexican fool who should have never got across the boarder can feck out of the club after missing something a fricking Asian would have scored .. then that ugly looking clog wearing windmill loving fool with his awkward way of doing everything missing two near guaranteed goals like what kind of a supposed world class player misses the chances he did .. ugh that match just depressed me .. And Moyes why in the name of the lord take off the one player who has preformed all season for that diving piece of embarrassment is just beyond me :/ We are just so lucky that Sociedad just didn’t want to be out there how we didn’t end up with 3 points is beyond existence there is literally nothing that is a talking point about that match except the fact that we just realized some of our most expensive players are useless .. so yea it ended 0 0 and we got a point .. Arsenal on Sunday all i can say is god help us .. GGMU